The Peacemaker

To go with Katja’s Gibanica Cheesecake I wanted to make something that goes with the grandmother attitude and the peaceful atmosphere going with it.

This cocktail is a twist on a bourbon cocktail called the revolver. Based on coffee liqueur and bourbon with an orange twist, that’s what I did here. Small change but huge change, I went with rye instead of bourbon, using Sonoma County Rye, for its very floral and fruity flavors. It just makes me want cake to go with… Since I wanted to build on the heritage of the Revolver, the name comes from the famous Colt .45 “The gun that won the west” sticking to a more grandma friendly atmosphere, let’s just keep the nickname “Peacemaker”.

Anyway. It’s a simple drink to make, as you can make it directly in the glass.

So in a chilled glass :

  • 1oz Sonoma County Rye
  • 1oz Coffee Liqueur
  • 0.5oz Triple Sec

Express an orange twist over the glass and get another one for decoration.


One last thing : Coffee liqueur.

Sure you can use Kahlua, but I find it way too sweet and way to syrupy for this drink to stay light. If you go for a brand, I’d recommend the Fair coffee liqueur(Here) if you can find it, or obviously, make your own.

To do that, just brew your favorite coffee, mix it with a base alcohol like vodka, or you can try Everclear 90 but with proportions of 1/4 to get to a sub 40 proof and sugar to taste. I usually go with 250g of sugar for one liter of mix.

Coffee is just as complex as whisky honestly, and using it in cocktail can be really fun, and that’ll be probably one of my next articles

For now, enjoy my version of a peacemaker



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