Going for a lighter, summery drink : The tutty fruity colada.


So just like last time, I had to match Katja’s dessert with a drink. Not really a cake, So i could totally go for a sweeter / richer texture drink, but I went for a revisit of a classic, ending up with a refreshing fruity treat. Yes, just like the mousse.

Starting point : The Pina Colada.

Classic. A shot of white rum, then filling up the glass with a mix of 50/50 coconut cream and pineapple juice.

It’s not often found rightly done though. Since it’s traditionally served into huge hurricane glasses, the rhum ends up lost in what seems to be a gallon of mix.

So my rum proportions won’t change (50ml) but I’ll work on the mix, with no more than 150ml, to keep some strength in the drink.

Other pina colada problem : It’s heavy. The coconut cream with the mousse would have made you feel like you had a full meal. Not the point. Coconut-wise, there is three options : coconut cream, already ruled out, coconut milk, and coconut water. That last one, I personally don’t like but could get a skinnier, dryer version of the recipe. I think it tastes like cardboard infused water or has no taste at all… But you’re free to try.

I so turned to coconut milk, lighter in texture, but great in taste. The one I used is from Dr Martins (http://dr-martins.com/) 9% of fat which is roughly half the percentage of a coco lopez can coconut cream, I didnt go for the coconut juice, because it’s not as tasty, and on top of that, i wanted to keep the coconut texture to reflect the one of the fruit mousse. If you don’t agree with that last part, just fine strain the cocktail before serving.

NOw, here we are with our coconut component, pineapple juice is easy to come by, we already have a good pina colada, but here comes the twist : Kaiser Soze is Kevin Spacey. More seriously, my goal was to add a nice fruity flavor to the drink.

That’s where I cut the pineapple juice with pomegranate juice, not syrup, completed with melon liqueur. If you use midori as your melon liqueur, you might find the drink a bit too tarty. Look if you find orange melon liqueur or wait for my tutorial to make your own (teaser !). Also, the color will look barfy with that green coloured liqueur. Anyway, half a shot of it took care of what was left of the acidity of the pineapple, a bit too present because of the lighter (as in not so fat) coconut component.

Final recipe then for my Tutty Fruity Colada :

  • 50 ml rum
  • 30 ml melon liqueur
  • 40 ml pomegranate juice (i used the Berry Company one)
  • 45ml coco milk
  • 40ml pineapple juice

Yes. I have to work on my night shots.

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